Ain't No Sunshine

I did something this morning I don't think I have done since I was a little girl. Well perhaps not then even. Most likely not then. Maybe when I was sleeping? We weren't allowed to eat ketchup when we were young a cause of the sugar. Must have been a blast for my mother managing three sans the world's most popular condiment. This morning, I carried on with my usual morning routine. Routine being the operative term. I need structure in my life and while I am not working, it is important to me that I adhere to a schedule. Each day, I rise with Matthew. I stretch and when I hear his shower turn on, I jump out of bed and head to the kitchen for a tablespoon of coconut oil that I swish around in my mouth for five to seven minutes. "Pulling" coconut oil is outstanding for one's teeth, gums, joints, the works. Plus, if I spill any of the coconut oil, I rub it into my cuticles, elbows and beneath my eyes as it is a fabulous beauty elixir. From here I make the bed, scoop up clothing for the wash, give the counters a quick rundown and defer to my calendar to see what is on tap for the day. All in around seven sometimes ten minutes. Creating order makes for an outstanding start to my day.

Once my coconut oil has done its thing, I make myself a cup of coffee. Usually, I find myself reheating my coffee over the course of an hour as I am always moving about. I have lots of energy. On this very morning, I completed my usual rigmarole and after making my coffee, I sat down. I actually took a seat at the end of our dining room table, which offers a beautiful view of our garden. I was quiet. I was aware of the taste of my hot coffee. I felt the hot mug in my hands. I was still. It felt strange but glorious. Just a quick handful of minutes to myself. How difficult is that? I will be making a habit of this. After my coffee, I fill my water bottle and head to yoga. I practice at Charlotte Yoga, which is just a stone's throw from our home. I like to arrive fifteen to twenty minutes early to gab with whomever is around, get my ducks in a row and fall into child's post for as long as I can. Today I completed day 11 towards my goal of 38 consecutive days of yoga. Oy vey. Many people at the studio are doing 30 days in honor of a tremendous individual, who is on his way to completing 365 days of yoga! My first week was brutal at best but I sojourned on. I feel terrific. This week has been awesome. I am getting stronger, more fit and am applying what I learn in class to my daily life. I noticed this past weekend that my posture is even improving. We are beach bound next week and I found a studio there where I will practice. Namaste.

This week is the ever popular Wells Fargo Championship golf tournament at Quail Hollow Country Club. It serves as an exceptional opportunity to fraternize with business colleagues, socialize with friends, explore the neighborhood, walk the grounds and oh, I almost forgot, enjoy PGA golf. I went yesterday and enjoyed the glorious weather. I saw Phil Mickelson, Webb Simpson and Rory do their thing and posted up at the All American Pub for a late lunch and cold drinks. Before going, I quickly browsed the rules so as to ensure I was in compliance. I laughed when I read that selfie sticks are not permitted. Since their launch in Asia last year, selfie sticks have taken the world by storm. Apparently this gale now includes Charlotte. Great (insert sarcasm here). For how many years have beautiful photographs been taken with one's arms and since when is this no longer good enough? I think they are narcissistic beyond belief. I shudder when I see people using them. The New York Times coined them "the most controversial gift of 2014". When in the Big Apple over Christmas, we saw a couple on the Brooklyn Bridge take what must have been forty pictures. Click, click, click. Different posture, different angle, same smiles and that long, goofy stick. Frankly, they looked ridiculous and other passerbys agreed. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of the selfie but one that I take with my arm. If I want to capture something behind me, I ask someone to take the photograph. I cannot tell you how frequently this has led to fun conversation and often times, more. What are your thoughts on the ever-popular albeit contentious stick? 

Matthew and I are headed to the tournament later this afternoon. I am happy to have him there as he knows who is who. I was a bit clueless as to who the golfers were yesterday. I am sure my repeated calls to his office grew irritating. Apologies! So as to save a bit of moolah (that will instead go towards the $7.25 cans of beer), I am making lunch. Egg salad to be exact. Egg salad is incredibly easy to whip together and it is always a sure fire pleaser not to mention a southern staple. The below recipe is no exception. Spread it on bread, scoop it over a salad or eat it straight from the bowl. If serving over salad, it pairs beautifully with tahini salad dressing. I think such an item is fitting for a day of sun, fun, libations, walking, admiring one of the country's finest courses and oh, of course, golf. I almost forgot.

Egg Salad
Contingent upon your numbers you can double, triple, quadruple…you get the picture


2 boiled eggs 
1 TBS low fat mayonnaise or vegenaise
1 TBS good quality Dijon mustard
2 TBS capers - drained
3 TBS dill - chopped
1 rib of celery - chopped
Dash of paprika

Do You Do

Throw everything into a bowl. With a spoon, mash the eggs and mix generously. Once uniform throughout, sprinkle some paprika on top and go to town.

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