The Gods Must Be Crazy

Before work yesterday morning, I was in a mad scramble to get our ducks in a row for dinner. A long day faced us both and I needed some semblance of normalcy in the kitchen. After my 6.30 am yoga class, I pounded through the door, threw my eggs in a pot to boil, turned the coffee maker to on and before I even jumped into the shower, grub preparation was in the works. Thursdays are always crazy. They just are. The morning was unseasonably warm. Downright balmy in fact. The weather forecast called for temperatures in the 70s, which is a spectacular invitation to grill. One of my favorite meats to slap on the Barbie is that of pork tenderloin. Lean, high in protein, low in fat, full of flavor and cooks in no time. Bingo!

The day before, I had purchased two beautiful, organic pork tenderloins at the butcher. Oh how I love pork, let me count the ways. While I had a mere ten minutes to get the meat organized, wrapped and in the fridge, I went for what I know to be a simple but delectable decor: Dijon mustard with a healthy addition of fresh and dried herbs. I mixed everything together in a bowl, took off my watch (for good measure) and slathered it on the meat. I then snugly wrapped our 2 lb tenderloin in saran and carefully placed on a visible shelf in the fridge where it would not be disturbed. Pork tenderloin is such an easy cut of meat to prepare. You can tizzy it up last minute with a bit of olive oil and fresh herbs or you can get creative with a myriad of different rubs or marinades. Let it sit for a bit or let it sit over night. The longer the better but any way you shake it, your eaters will be pleased. 

Fast forward eleven hours later, by the time we arrived home, we were ready to rock and roll. My kind of meal. I cut open a bag Brussel sprouts and threw them in a pan with a bit of thyme and a cautious tablespoon of olive oil. Given the “our olive oil is disappearing at mach speed” conundrum, I am being far more careful about the amount we use. I must admit, it is quite shocking to see how much olive oil I am saving in simply measuring. Eye balling is okay for most exercises but caution in the kitchen is never a bad thing. Into the oven our gorgeous sprouts went. 425 for 40 minutes just in case you are curious but do keep an eye out after 30 minutes. You want them generously roasted not scorched! Finish off with a bit of fresh cracked pepper and the squeeze of a half a lemon.

I filled our steamer with water and threw in the cauliflower for cooking. I find pork always tastes beautiful with something mashed. Potatoes are fantastic but we are being mindful of calories so cut corners I shall. We had some spinach that needed using so I threw it into the Cuisinart along with a teaspoon of nutmeg and ½ cup of light coconut milk. Once the cauliflower was ready, I added it to the processor and did my thing. What resulted was a beautiful pea green mash that was fresh and absolutely scrumptious. Within 45 minutes, including grilling time, we were in business and seated across from one another at our dining room table. Doors and windows ajar of course to invite the incredible weather. Miles Davis was crooning in the background. Difficult to believe a February night could be so sublime.

After the pork's time was up on the grill, the mustard made for a gorgeous, flavorful crust. It paired marvelously with the cauliflower mash and roasted Brussel Sprouts. We also decided to toast the magnificent weather and opened the bar for business. Bottoms up and bon app├ętit.

Mustard Marinade

You Will Need

2 lb pork tenderloin
1/4 cup of Dijon or grain mustard
1 TBS rosemary – dried or fresh
2 TBS sage – chopped
1 TBS thyme – leaves pulled from the stem
3 garlic cloves – chopped
Fresh pepper
Optional - add 1 TBS of honey or maple syrup to add sweetness

Did Somebody Say Pork?

1. Minus the meat, mix everything together in a bowl.

2. Place your pork on a generous sized piece of saran wrap. Now pour the mustard mixture on top. Get your hands dirty ensuring that everything is covered.

3. Wrap your meat tightly and throw in the fridge. Once you are ready to cook, fire up the grill and do your thing.

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